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24 Feb 2016


Welcome!! I’m so happy to be finally sharing my website with you all. Its taken me a while to find the perfect web designer who understood exactly what I wanted and had the same vision as me-also the time, but i cannot be happier with the result. I have to of course give my biggest thanks to Chiara Restucci and her amazing design skills to make this happen. I’m not going to lie I’m not the most computer savvy and still working with a bit of a dinosaur MacBook which isn’t the best combination when your trying to create a killer website!

So thank the lord my wonderful friend is not only a whiz at these things but also had the same creative vision as me.  

Also my diamond other half, Eoin Smyth (pictured as my model above) for all his help and encouragement. Mainly him telling me to work when I’m about to watch another episode of Love/Hate! 


Please take a look into my JAMFACE world and enjoy the images.

I have been very lucky to work with so many amazing photographers, agencies, models, designers, brides, hairdressers and stylists, far too many to name but all come highly recommended so please ask for any details.


Please keep following JAMFACE for more blogs, demos tips tricks and must have makeup bits.