Author: Jo Mackay

23 Mar 2017

Strip off in spring!!

Hi guys! Its been quite a while since my last blog.. work, courses, holidays and Netflix have been taking up a lot of my time! So here is some info on my fave skincare products at the moment to get your skin looking super scrumptious!

As we approach springtime we all need to be thinking about our skin a little bit more. For most of us our skin has been through a chilly winter season, getting dry and rough in patches, chapped lips and lots of red sensitive noses have been spotted! Now is the time to get your skin back to tip top condition and ready to absorb some vitamin D again 🙂

Being a hair and makeup artist in Ibiza I see a lot of dry, dehydrated, crispy, sun frazzled complexions so its super important to protect your skin and treat it inside and out. Now I know we all get bored with the constant ‘drink more water’ ethos that we try to live by but water really does make a massive difference to your skins health. Our skin is 64 percent water so without adequate water guzzling our skin appears duller, more wrinkled and pores more prominent. The more water you drink the more hydrated, plump and elastic the skin will be. I always just keep a bottle with me and keep re filling it throughout the day. If I don’t carry my bottle everywhere then out of sight out of mind and its easily replaced with a lovely hydrating glass of wine! Whoops :/

So after we’ve all turned into mermaids with all this water it doesn’t mean we can skip our daily skincare regime! Heres a list of my skin tonic favourites at the moment that are getting my skin summer ready…

1. Now I’ve never been a 3 step cleanse tone and moisturise girl its just all a bit too much of a faff. I adore these Double Wear makeup remover wipes from Esteē Lauder. They are the perfect remover for that stubborn eyeliner or mascara that refuses to budge but gentle and soothing at the same time! They remove waterproof makeup and really refresh and condition your skin. They don’t leave your eyes sore or pink after scrubbing off your eye makeup they just feel super luxurious!

2. Also in the Esteē Lauder skincare range is this amazing bottle of lovely liquid called Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion. A bit of a mouthful but it literally does what it says on the tin. Its a light clear liquid that penetrates rapidly to activate, recondition and reset skin from deep below its surface. After use your skin literally looks so alive and luminous! Its micro active so works on renewing the cells and keeping the skin youthful. I love it around the creases of the nose and over the lips it polishes those little stubborn dry flakey bits right off.

3. My number one facial sunscreen at the moment is an organic range called Badger which I use everyday even in the winter months. Its quite a thick formula so a tiny bit goes a long way which is great as its lasts you forever. I take a pea size amount rub between my palms and just pat it all over my face and neck. Its a certified organic sunscreen base of Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Seabuckthorn and Vitamin E. I just love how natural it is. Its biodegradable, the packaging is BPA and phthalate-free made from #2 recyclable plastic. No GMO, no added fragrance, cruelty free the list goes on. Get this into your life your skin will love you as will the planet 🙂

4. The next product that I cant get enough of at the moment is a cheeky cheapy little product from H&M beauty. I was super impressed when I went into their new beauty section in Covent Garden and found lots of amazing makeup goodies and so super cheap! Result! Refreshing Face Mist with Aloe Vera and Rosewater. Absolutely love face mists anyway and I’ve tested lots but this one smells so so good and is super lightweight. I tend to get a drier skin so I always like to keep a little face spray in my bag to top me up when I need it throughout the day. This one contains natural aloe and rosewater which is a gorgeous combination. Its very lightweight packaging is great for carrying around in your handbag. Especially if your like me who’s bag would give Mary Poppins’s a run for her money. Word on the street is its limited edition so stock up now… which you can at only £3.99!!

5. Last but in no way least is my saviour for crusty cracked lips. Not attractive so lets banish that straight away. I adore Good Fight Herb Co. Located in NY’s Hudson Valley, Good Fight organically grows and gathers medicinal herbs for handmade, small batch products that promote self care and thriving health. Each plant is cared for and each product made by hand by Good Fight’s small crew, with the intention of taking good care of us, the plants and the ground they came from. For just that reason I absolutely love them but their salve is rich a moisturising and melts away dry skin in a flash!

I hope you can take away a little something from my recommendations and start prepping and protecting your skin too! Please feel free to leave comments with any questions or if you have your own recommendations I’d love to hear them.

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24 Feb 2016


Welcome!! I’m so happy to be finally sharing my website with you all. Its taken me a while to find the perfect web designer who understood exactly what I wanted and had the same vision as me-also the time, but i cannot be happier with the result. I have to of course give my biggest thanks to Chiara Restucci and her amazing design skills to make this happen. I’m not going to lie I’m not the most computer savvy and still working with a bit of a dinosaur MacBook which isn’t the best combination when your trying to create a killer website!

So thank the lord my wonderful friend is not only a whiz at these things but also had the same creative vision as me.  

Also my diamond other half, Eoin Smyth (pictured as my model above) for all his help and encouragement. Mainly him telling me to work when I’m about to watch another episode of Love/Hate! 


Please take a look into my JAMFACE world and enjoy the images.

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